Fraud Attorneys in Rockville, MD

Fraud and other white collar crimes are typically much more complex to litigate against than violent crimes. Most of these crimes tend to involve money, including money laundering, tax evasion, embezzlement, identify theft, Internet fraud, insider trading, and credit card fraud.  Due to the complexity of these crimes, you need to know the trial attorneys by your side have the legal knowledge necessary to understand the charges, as well as how to defend against them.

Working with our fraud attorney in Rockville, MD, is a smart decision when you are looking at being charged with a white collar crime. Our attorneys have a knack for complex litigation and can help you create a defense just as intricate as the prosecution’s case against you.  Reach out the Law Offices of Lowans & Kurtz, PLLC when you are in need of legal assistance in dealing with white collar crimes.

The Strategic Defense Against Fraud

Arresting someone for fraud or a white collar crime typically involves a great deal of work, including discovering the criminal activity, understanding it, tracking it, catching it, and explaining it to a jury. That means a lot of time and effort has gone into the case before it goes to court, which means a tough battle for you if you aren’t properly prepared.

With the assistance or our fraud attorneys, however, you have someone capable of working just as hard for you as the prosecution did against you. We discuss your case with you to find out the best way to go about your defense and then get to work creating strategic arguments on your behalf.

The most common defense used when defending you from white collar crime is to challenge, or discredit, the case the state is bringing against you. Remember, the burden of truth is on them, which means if their casework was sloppy or ill-informed, we will be able to use that information to your advantage to create reasonable doubt.

A High Rate of Success

Litigating on your behalf is something that just comes very naturally to our white collar crime attorneys. With a number of years of experience behind him, our attorneys are able to boast a success rate of 92% when it comes to representing clients. While no outcome is guaranteed, this percentage does show that our attorneys always come to court prepared for the case in front of him.

Contact our attorneys in Rockville, Maryland, when you have been accused of fraud or other white collar crimes.